Q: How do you take photos of people who are shy or not comfortable in front of the camera? 


Would you like to know something about me? I’m a little bit shy in front of the camera too. Having said that, the first thing I tell anyone or a couple is usually this, “Just because I have a camera and you see me holding the camera, don’t feel the need to freeze and pose for me. I will be capturing you in your natural element.” 


In other words, I like to photograph the candid moments, the unplanned moments. And when the time is right, I ask the couple to pose very gently - none of the contorted body angles - because I believe beauty lies in simplicity when it comes to photographing you.


Q: What are your prices? 


Not all weddings are the same, and for this reason I can provide short coverage to full days. Other factors that come into consideration are venue locations, interstate, prints or no prints. 


As a guide, six hours of coverage including a pre wedding shoot with the couple starts at $2995. If your wedding has multiple days of coverage, please get in touch with me through the contact form and I can customise a package for you. 


If you live outside of Sydney or NSW, please get in touch with me through the ‘contact’ page so that I can assist you in planning the dates.


Q: What is a Pre Wedding shoot?


The couple is photographed at designated location, like a botanical garden or a particular spot in Sydney city. This is generally done a couple of weeks prior to the wedding. It’s a great way to get to know me and vice versa. It’s a relaxed approach of photography with very little posing. 


Q: Do you shoot by yourself or have other photographers with you as well? 


I generally shoot by myself. However if your wedding requires a second photographer then I will have someone with me who covers my style of photography. I may have an assistant depending on the photoshoot or wedding.


Q: Do you provide videography in your wedding packages? 


Generally the clients that come to me request for photography only. However if you require videography coverage, then I can manage externally with a videographer to come in and serve your needs. 


Q: Do you offer albums?

Yes I can provide albums if you choose this in your package with me. I have had more clients prefer digital images over prints. In any case I always provide high resolution print ready final images to all my clients. Giving them the flexibility to print anytime at their preferred printing service providers.


Q: What is your wedding photography style? 


Photojournalism or ‘Fly on the wall’ is the approach I take. Letting the wedding unfold itself in front of me and capturing the event in its true form, full of emotion and joy. I give gentle direction rather than posed looks to the couple when appropriate. Certain ceremonies require a structured pattern in capturing the images, however I ensure that I maintain my distance and don’t obstruct anyone to my fullest ability. 


Q: What if I need to postpone my wedding date?


Life is complicated, I know. If you happen to come across a situation where the date needs to be postponed then I can accommodate for your needs. 


Q: Do I need to pay a deposit? 


A non refundable deposit of $800 is taken to secure your wedding date which helps me start to prepare for your special day.


Q: Are there extra costs that I should be aware of? 


My starting price is from $2995, which covers 6hrs of photography. But if your wedding day either needs less coverage or more coverage, then I can customise a package for you. Please get in touch. 


Q: How do I make an enquiry or booking?


Fill out your details in the contact page or scroll down below, or if you’d like email me directly to vivek@vivekpatelphotography.com


I will contact you within 24hrs to confirm availability and answer any questions that you may have. I will also suggest a time for a chat over the phone to go over any details. 

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